Lean on your sisters

A sister can be your lifelong best friend. A sister can be the girls you went to school with. A sister can be an old work colleague. A sister can be a neighbour. A sister can be someone from your netball team.

Lean on your sisters.

How often do you hear people judging mothers? All too often I think the answer is. I am guilty of this myself. But I want you to leave that judgement at the door and even give it a swift kick up the backside. Because let me tell you she is already beating herself up and doesn't need you to add to that pressure.

Never judge the yelling at the supermarket, never judge the packaged snacks in their kids lunch box, never judge her house, never judge her choice to work. Never judge! You've not walked in her shoes. Instead. Ask if she is okay? Like really okay. Listen. Offer support. Then check up again. This may be in the way of taking the kids off her hands so she can get a rest or a haircut. Drop off dinner, or milk, or chocolate. Call. How about instead of judging your sister offer help.

Then accept the help. Accept the dinners or the offers to have a break. Accept the offer of washing to be done. You're not failing at life you're simply surviving the day.

A friend of mine has a partner that owns his own business and works exceptionally long hours. He provides a very comfortable life for her and her family. However it means that she often has to do a lot of the home making on her own.

A friend of mine has a partner that does FIFO. But not the usual 1 week on 1 week off type roster. Sometimes she might get a few days notice that he is flying out for 4 weeks. There goes all your organised plans.

A friend of mine has three children and her partner often has to fly around the world for for long periods of time so when he is home he is usually exhausted. Or in the study working still and unable to help with children or chores.

A friend of mine left her partner and had to go back to work to support her family on her own and parent solo. Organisation and multitasking become key when doing it alone.

A friend of mine works tirelessly to make sure they are debt free. She misses out on time with her kids. Something she hopes they will understand as they get older and appreciate that she did it for them.

What ever the case may be. We may be parenting on our own. We may be struggling financially, we may have a child with medical issues, we may have a partner that provides money-wise but not in the day to day household. Please lean on your sister. If we could offer just a little bit of relief for her rather than judgement we can all get through this together.

You got this.


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