Mumma's weekend away

Guess what guys. 

A couple of weeks ago this Mumma went away for the weekend & the world didn’t explode. 
I know. Shocking! 

Without the babies.
Without my partner. 
The house didn’t burn down. 
The babies were fine. 

Most importantly, I had an amazing time. 

The weekend away was for my hens night as our wedding is creeping up on us now & admittedly, if it wasn’t for that event I probably wouldn’t have had a weekend away with Ollie being only 7mths old.

But you know what. I had a fantastic time away. It was great to only worry about myself & my friends who came. It was great to not have to strategically plan everything around nap times, needing to be close to toilets for the toddler, only going places that are child friendly etc.

I spent the week leading up to going away trying not to freak out that things wouldn’t be ok & I couldn’t get home in a hurry. While away I reminded myself that everything was handled at home & if Ollie was having a meltdown or something, he’d eventually be fine & there was no use me stressing about it from 6 hours away. 

As always, the kids were perfect for the grandparents (Daddy had to work). Ollie only whinged when he was hungry or needed a bum change & Ruby had a great time playing with her cousin. I was so happy to get home on the Sunday night to see my babies but I feel I learnt something very important. 

It’s ok to go away & have a great time without your kids. 

It doesn’t make you a bad mother (or father), in fact I think it makes you better. Time to clear your head & put yourself first is good for the soul. 

From now on I plan to do it more often. Once every couple of months, with some friends or my partner, I’m going to go away just for a night or two to recharge my batteries. 

What do you do for me time? 
How do you recharge your batteries? 

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Hens night ready. 
I'm the disco ball obviously 

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