The house can wait

Last night as we packed up the house to go to bed I looked at the dishes on the sink & said "Bugger it, I'll do them tomorrow". I swear my partner nearly fell over in shock! It's very rare for me to go to bed & leave a mess in the house somewhere. It's somewhat crazy & obsessive but I'll stay up way later than I should be to ensure the whole house is tidy & every thing is done before I head to bed. I like to think that this sets us up to be organised & on time the next day if we're heading out but I'm usually still running around like a mad woman because the shoes Ruby wants or a specific toy is MIA! 

Everything has it's place where it needs to be & I'll probably always be like that, but slowly I'm learning to just admit defeat at the end of a long day & leave it for the next day. With a threenager & baby who still wakes 2-3 times a night, some days they win. Some times I'm just too tired to pick up every toy, fold the endless loads of washing or do the pile of dishes.

But the good thing about house work (or maybe it's the bad thing...) is it's still there tomorrow! It's always gotta be done & I'll always get it done but maybe just not right now.
So never fear mumma's & daddy's, whilst it may not magically disappear, I promise it won't get worse over night! Take a deep breath, head to bed & tackle the house in the morning with a fresh clear mind. And if anyone finds that cleaning fairy, let us know!! 

- Jade x

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