Bobby G Baby Wear

Bobby G provides little clothes for your little loves, we are a brand that creates simple, minimal designs which consists of muted tones and modern prints.

Each collection follows our commitment to provide comfort and durability for your little loves. Working with a gender-neutral colour palette ensuring every piece is compatible with each other whilst looking effortlessly cool. Our clothing is made from organic cotton blends, providing nothing but the best for our Bobby G Babes.  

Bobby G Baby Wear is an Australian kids fashion label that launched in December 2015 by English founder Georgie Bilder, who moved to Australia in 2012. Bobby G began and still is ran from my home in Bondi! The dream is to eventually move into my own warehouse and have a forever-expanding team of Bobby G babes to help with the hustle.

I would like to quickly take the time to thank those that have been supporting Bobby G for the past two years and I would like to also apologise in advance if your little babe looks even cooler than you now, it’s one of the perils of Bobby G clothing.