Oh Nine the Label

A B O U T   U S

Hi! My names Abbie, I am a mother of 2 boys, a fiancé and the creator of Oh Nine the label.

I started designing and selling clothes when I was pregnant with Chaise, I screen printed onesies and t-shirts with designs that were unique and bold to your 'typical' baby clothing. I started selling more then a one person team could manage, I loved designing clothing and I didn't want to give it up but could not keep up with the orders, house work, a 5 month old and my day job so I decided to take a plunge and invest all of my earnings into getting my designs made by a manufacturer and thats how Oh Nine the label was born! (formerly Leo & Boy)

Check out our blog to keep up to date with our latest collections and to also learn more about us, lifestyle + children related blogs & Oh Nine behind the scenes.

A B O U T   T H E   B R A N D 

Oh Nine the label is a modern unisex children's clothing label. We provide versatile yet comfortable pieces. Each collection is inspired by something, whether it be my surroundings, my family or a period of my life, I love to tell a story of the collection through the clothing.

Our clothing is made in China, sweat shop free! Our items are not 'cheaply' made, I believe in supporting the families who make our clothing and we love to see returning customers so we only use high quality products and materials to keep our little customers happy!

I promise to keep Oh Nine fresh, original and unique. Purchasing from our store means you are supporting a small family of 4, we have big plans for Oh Nine and I hope you will stay along for the ride.

Thank you for stopping by,

Abbie x