About Us

Scruff Candy is a kids concept store located in Regional South Australia. Our aim is to provide quality products sourced from Australian Designers and Business's where ever possible whilst keeping up with the latest trends and designs. All our products are hand picked to ensure we bring you the best there is to offer in the one place. Browse our website and be sure to add some products to your cart - Happy Shopping!

We are a mother daughter duo who decided to jump at the opportunity to purchase Scruff Candy in September 2020 after experiencing a couple of difficult years and wanting to add some positivity to our lives.
We both work full time outside of running Scruff Candy which we love, but felt there was always something missing that could really fulfil our business fantasy. 
We love shopping and keeping up with the latest trends whilst understanding the importance of good quality and unique pieces. So join us for our rollercoaster of a ride as we take on something completely out of our comfort zone and enter into the business world! 
We pride ourselves on our approachable nature so please don't hesitate to get in contact with us should you have any questions, concerns or wish to provide any feedback. 
Also make sure to follow us on Instagram @scruff_candy_n_co for our latest updates and beautiful customer photos. 
Much love Co-Owners 
Natasha & Skye