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Replay Recycled Flat Plates are a household favourite in our house as well as being very popular with our customers too! 

Replay items are perfect for the whole family, affordable and comes in the most amazing colour range to choose from. We are frequently told how amazing each product is and how insanely durable they really are. From being thrown around the house, used outside or simply just passed down through the children - these products will last!  

** Bonus Points** They are also Eco Friendly and are made from recycled milk containers - It's a big tick from us.

Each Flat Plate you purchase you are saving 3x milk bottles from land fill.

The flat plate’s deep walls are just right for the older child and are the perfect size for toast or sandwiches, but deep enough for things like a fruit salad. 

• Deep walls help toddlers learning to use utensils

• Perfect size for the older child

• Dishwasher safe

• USA FDA-approved recycled plastic

• BPA-Free

• Made in the USA

 Plate Dimensions: 18.75cm by 18.75cm by 3.2cm

 *Tested Dishwasher + Microwave Safe (While safe for the microwave, we do not recommend it due to the possibility of staining and hot spots in food - should you choose to microwave, Replay does not warranty against staining.)


The only decision left is what colour you love best!

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